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Character Creation

Character backgrounds can be a difficult thing to make. You don't want to give away too much about your character but you need to define the basics for other members to refresh their memories with, as well as yourself! Sometimes we forget the basic details of our characters when we get caught up with all of the minute aspects of their personality and feelings. So a character background is essential to both you, and other members of the community. Another good thing about the character background is that it gives you a chance to better flesh out the details of your new character!

There are a few essential parts of the character background to fill out first:
Every character needs a name; many people name their character after their screen name by making a local or global account just for the character. Some people simply roleplay under their regular screen name but make sure that the fact their character has another name is evident. Whichever you choose to do, you have to have a name! Unless of course your character has amnesia in which case someone else might just pick a name for you.

The name can be whatever you would like it to be but remember that the Castle role-playing area is primarily MERP (Medieval role-playing), so something like Joe MetalArmMachineGun may not be a very good idea. Usually your best bet is to name your character like you would name your child, with a real name. Of course if you happen to be a knight you would have a title but still a regular name.

Your name is how people remember you, and what they will call you, so make sure it's one you like.
Everyone has an age, even immortals though often they have an age of appearance (like how old they look) and their real age. Your character can be any age you wish, but of course a little baby might not be a good idea. We have characters ranging from young children to their 40s so donŐt worry about not fitting into an age bracket. Age has a lot to do with how the character thinks and acts in certain situations and that is good to remember. A young teenage character may be unmanned by the sight of blood, an older character might not be so queasy. Pick the age that fits for your character, and always remember to AGE! Characters get older too and they learn from experiences. Your young teen won't be 13 forever, some day they are going to be an adult so keep it in mind. Your old character might die of old age, their bones will start to ache, and they'll be old! Of course, an old granny character might be an interesting change.
You can be human, vampire, angel, demon, dragon, unicorn, cat, dog, mammoth, giant, dwarf, whatever race you want to be! Of course some of you may want to get a bit more specific. If you're a giant, where are you from? Are you a mountain giant or a valley giant? So you're human. But are you Greek, Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian, Black? High Elf, Half Elf, or Wood Elf, or are you one of those small bands of tribal elves? These are questions to ponder over until you have the answer, and remember to make your character how you personally want it. Don't worry about whether or not people are going to instantly love your character. The strongest bonds are formed over time, and a little diversity makes your character memorable and distinct.
Once You Have The Basics:
Now that you know the name, age, and race of your character, a lot of the other things are going to come easily. Your name is descriptive of your character, and your age and race can determine how your character speaks along with their common languages. Your race also defines how you are going to look to a great deal. A High Elf is not going to be short, and no elves will be fat, a dwarf will be short and stocky, a human can be any height or weight but make sure you keep it realistic.

After you have figured out the three basics your appearance, the description should be pretty simple to make. The things you want to remember to list in your appearance are the following.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Hair Length
Physical Features (Scars, body type etc.)

The only really difficult thing is to decide what your weapons are going to be, and what your clothing will look like. Some members even include pictures of their character so that you will be able to see the entire effect of their appearance. They find these online, draw them, and often use them as their personal pictures.

Now that you've defined all this about your character you'll realize you haven't given much away, you may want to note if your character is a magic user or a fighter, and what type of magic they practice and how they happen to fight. Do they box, fence, are they a hand axe thrower or use a bow and arrow? There are hundreds of thousands of different ways your character can look, act and fight so don't be afraid to be original, it goes a long way!

If you'd like you can include character history. This doesn't always have to be included because often the history of the character develops as you play them. Just remember you can go back and change your character background whenever you need to, using the edit function.

Reading other character backgrounds can be very helpful to getting ideas, and so can looking at pictures online or short stories. Remember not to give too much away so that your character isn't perfectly defined. That way you have room to grow and change within the confines of our role-playing forum.
Now go and have fun!