A long awaited return

At the ragged edge of Skyrael, far from the the smoke of the cities, the whistle of the railways and the whine of propellers lies the Castle, that towering, mechanical orchid, that fallen ruin of the Echo Clock. Enter its twisted maze of giant gears, discover its strange family of inhabitants and unravel its marvels, its mysteries and its horrors.

A long awaited return

Postby Laura Burnham » Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:54 pm

it had been far too long since she was here within the walls of the castle and now she has come back but she was not the same as when she left. her hair is a bit longer and she does not weight the same. the cab pulls up to the gate and as if they know it's her they open and let the cab drive on through. after the cab comes to a stop at the castle doors he gets out, goes to the trunk and gets her luggage out and places them by the huge double doors. he goes and helps her out of the cab as he quotes the price of the cab fair. as she hands him the money she says thank you for bringing me sir. he nods his your welcome and as he drives off she opens the doors, grabs her luggage, enters the ever so quiet castle and heads up the long staircase to her room. after putting away her things she goes to the bathroom and takes a very long soak in the tub of hot water and a soothing shower. after getting dressed she goes to her desk, sits down and writes letters to all who know her i do hope everyone is still here. after all the letters are written and sent out she grabs a book and heads to the garden, sits down by the pond/lake and leaning against a tree she starts reading her book it's great to be home
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