Rules For Castle & Play Nice Clarification

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Rules For Castle & Play Nice Clarification

Postby CG Official » Tue Jul 12, 2005 4:02 am

As stated plenty of times by the Administration for Castle Gathering there are two rules for the Life in the Castle sub forum, where many of our members come to let their hair down and play their characters. This forum is where our members come to relax and whether that entails throwing pies, sparring, talking a walk on the grounds of Castle, or falling in love we’ve tried to keep it very simple with the rules so that there is a sense of freedom on this area of the board. We have no intent to impede on this freedom to play your character, to live through them, breathe through them, and acknowledging that a character is just like another person to many of our role players we sat down recently and decided to make the rules clearer.

The first rule of Castle is NO REAL LIFE NAMES. This isn’t difficult, and it isn’t too much to ask. Since the rule has been put in place nobody has had a problem following it after the adjustment period. We are eternally grateful for this and glad to see our members complying with the ground rules.

From Rae about Real Life Names and taking Real Life into Castle:

“As many of you know, allot use people's real names. Some don't like it and most of those never voice their discomfort.

From now on any real life names will be edited out. Put what you want if you don't know the persons ID handle. If there is something coming out of role-playing that fits into General MUST be moved there.

Real life as was played into RPG in the old castle is still welcomed. However, problems that arise that is not RPG, but is real life, is not to be put into the RPG section. If you wish to role play, then that is acceptable. It is preferred.

If you wish to add a part of your real life into your characters life, then please do so at your own discretion. I do the same. That does not mean my real life being is having all the problems my character has. I have more than her. But then again, my character is ME! With altercations and I care not to go back in time three and half years to satisfy newbie ignorance on who and what I am. It is not needed. All actions role-played are played out as that characters life.

This is how we work through things in real life. This is also how we give advice. I know I have not stuttered in clarifying this before or making it known, but then again, some people just don't understand. If you are not playing your character, but being yourself (as in John Doe is being John Doe not Darth Vader), then that is not to be put into the RPG section.”

Board Founder and EzOp

The only other rule we have in Castle is PLAY NICE. This rule has never been clarified as the Administration was under the impression that the implications of those two words were self-evident. However, recently members have been using this rule as a blanket statement to condemn the actions taken by other characters and belittle them in the community both in private and on our forum as well as in chat. In an attempt to make the rule clear to everyone on this board we have decided as a whole that the Play Nice rule means the following:

Playing nicely in Castle does not mean you cannot have a chaotic, evil, cruel, or otherwise unkind character. What it does mean is that you should not take the actions of a character out of context from Castle and use it to foster a grudge or resentment for the person playing said character. We do not ask that characters in this forum always remain kind toward one another, or that they never exchange harsh words or come to blows. It is only to be expected that some characters will not get along. As each and every character is as different as the person playing them, we acknowledge and accept, as well as give our members the right to play their character as they see fit so long as they follow the two rules for Life in the Castle. Every fight cannot be a friendly spar, and every killing should not happen to an NPC. The hard fact of role-playing is that characters do indeed die, and they do have a weakness even if it’s just their attitude. We find it unfair to expect two characters that both dislike one another to just smile at each other in Castle all the time, or only take their fights to a spar. Characters just like people can become drunk, and just like people they can make bad judgments and come to blows.

Due to the fact that Play Nice has been misconstrued, as “You cannot have an evil character” we are clarifying:

You may have a chaotic, evil, or otherwise bad character in Castle. Your character is allowed to dislike, even hate other characters in Castle. Your character can fight, be rude, and otherwise shun someone they dislike if they happen to run into them. Your character may attempt to kill another member of Castle, destroy Castle or other buildings within it; your character may burn the forest, poison wells, and otherwise be “evil”.

Play Nice is not meant to govern the actions of characters but the people behind them. What a character says or does should not be taken out of context and thought to be the real thoughts or feelings of the player itself. Yes in some cases those members of Castle who are married here, in love here, or otherwise “together” also are in real life. Hence the statement by Rae:

“If you wish to add a part of your real life into your characters life, then please do so at your own discretion.”

Play nice means: Do not flame or otherwise harass a member of the board because their character dislikes you keep it in RP.

Play Nice Means: Just because a character decides to try and destroy the Castle, or some part of the Castle Realm does not mean they hate the board and nobody has the right to harass or belittle them in ooc in a thread, or on other areas of the forum (including chat).

Play Nice Means: Treat the person playing the character with respect and civility and do not hold the actions of the character against the player. Just because their character dislikes your own does not mean they hate YOU, it means your characters don’t get along.


We hope that this clarification has made what “Play Nice” means, and would like to make it very clear that any member who is mistreated on this board because of the actions they take in character (harassed ooc) will be defended. If you have an ooc problem with the actions of a persons character take it to general discussion, or to email, do not belittle or harass them in a thread or you will be warned. Repeat violators will be removed from the board.

If you would like to see something added to the rules for Castle, have a question about these rules, or want something further clarified by the Play Nice rule please feel free to email us at !

Thank you
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